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Unclaimed money can be an easy way to get a monetary boost that can help you stick to your budget and feel more comfortable with your finances. Find out how you can discover unclaimed assets.

Millions of Dollars in Unclaimed Cash are Waiting!

Discover how many people were able to clear their debts with Unclaimed Cash!

Did you know that there are billions of dollars in unclaimed assets that are being held by the government right now? When a business, government office, or other entity owes you money that you have not collected, that money will be considered unclaimed. Unclaimed money will generally be sent to a state-run unclaimed property office.

That money can be used to pay off your debt or make a down payment on a larger purchase like a new car or house. Don’t miss out on this unclaimed money that the government owes you. Click here to learn more about unclaimed assets and how to find out if you qualify for money from the government.

What are the steps to apply for unclaimed money?

Typically, unclaimed assets come from funds that are owed by bank accounts, insurance policies, or your state government. When the party that owes your money cannot find you, they will turn over the property to the state where the account will be held until you claim it. Each state runs its own website for finding and claiming unclaimed property.

Here are the steps you should take to check if you have an unclaimed property and how you can claim it.

  1. Visit the state-appropriate website
  2. Gather the appropriate documents
  3. File your claim
  4. Wait for your check to arrive

Best Methods to Apply for Money from Unclaimed Assets

The best method to apply for claims is to gather the necessary documents before visiting your state-specific website for unclaimed property. To claim money that you have found in your name, you will need to be able to verify your identity.

Although the required documents can vary by state, here are some of the documents you may be required to provide to complete your claim process:

  • A state-issued ID such as a driver’s license… Learn More
  • Your IRS W-2 Form or a copy of your Social Security card to prove your Social Security Number… Learn More
  • Documents proving your current address…. Learn More
  • Documents proving the address associated with the unclaimed property… Learn More